Our clients live and work in an international environment, and as far as we are concerned, borders only exist on paper. Because we know just how complex tax matters can be - both in Switzerland and abroad - we make it our business to remain aware of tax laws, policies, accounting and international tax treaties. Our extensive know-how both in and out of Switzerland enables us to find unmatched solutions. Our goal is to help clients with tax planning solutions, and we aim at using our professional know-how for the benefit of our clients. We will handle your tax matters too, and manage things every step of the way, offering the best resources for:

  • Tax consulting and planning of relocation from abroad to Switzerland and vice-versa
  • Custom-made solutions for private clients and their companies.
  • Tax optimized investments
  • Tax consulting and planning when purchasing and selling real estate
  • Compliance of tax returns (Switzerland and U.S.)
  • Estate and gift tax advice